Celine Dion? She uses a teleprompter too, Jackson witness says

Oh, the dirty little secrets we learn about celebrities, those not so perfect people -- much like all of us -- who stand beaming in the spotlight.

In the Michael Jackson wrongful death case Tuesday, jurors, for instance, learned some things that singer Celine Dion may not want the world to know.

She hates to practice, testified Paul Meglen, an executive for AEG Live, the company producing Dion’s residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

“It drove Franco crazy she wouldn’t show up for rehearsals,” Meglen testified, referring to Franco Dragone, the director of her show. “I wasn’t worried about Celine, I was more worried about Franco having a nervous breakdown.”

Meglen was also asked whether it was common for singers to use teleprompters during performances. There had been testimony in the Jackson case that because of his diminished condition, the pop star had requested a teleprompter to help him remember the lyrics to his classic songs.

“Of all the tours I have done, I’d say I’ve seen many, many teleprompters,” Meglen said. “I’ve seen more tours with teleprompters than without.”

Then he volunteered a little extra about Dion.

Her brother, he told the jury, actually recites the lyrics of her songs to her through an earpiece while she performs.

Who knew?


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