Study links air pollution to childhood asthma in minorities

Black and Latino infants exposed to air pollution are at heightened risk for developing asthma, according to a study led by researchers from UC San Francisco.

The study is the largest of its kind looking at the connections between asthma and air pollution exposure in minority children, researchers said. The study included about 4,300 black and Latino children from Chicago, New York City, Houston, the San Francisco Bay Area and Puerto Rico.

The authors said that they hoped the study would lead to stricter standards on air pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide.

Researchers are also studying whether the pollutants actually cause childhood asthma. "This work adds to the growing body of evidence that traffic-related pollutants may be causally related to childhood asthma," said Esteban G. Burchard, a UCSF professor and the lead researcher on the study.


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