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KINGSBURG, CA Ð August 14, 2010: In the fall of 2005, Chase Dias walked out of his house and wandered alone into the vast fields that surrounded his family's dairy farm. He was 2 1/2. Even as his mother, Amber, shouted for him, she knew it was futile: He didn't know his name. When he was found an hour later - a police helicopter was on it's way-he wasn't upset in the slightest. The incident confirmed something wasn't right with Chase. He was later diagnosed with autism. This portrait of Chase was taken in that field where he was lost in Kingsburg, CA. Today at age 7 (confirm age with Alan?) Chase blends in easily among his classmates according to his mother, because they were able to get her son help. (Francine Orr/ Los Angeles Times) CONFIRM AGE -WHAT KIND OF HELP - NEED LAST SENTENCE (Alan will need to add additional info.)
Francine Orr, Los Angeles Times
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