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Letters: Time Warner's PR debacle

Re "Why not pull the plug on cable," Opinion, Aug. 30

The geniuses at Time Warner Cable who are responsible for taking CBS and Showtime out of service are also responsible for what might be the biggest corporate public relations gaffe since BP's post-oil spill spin. With customers migrating away, and with hostility from customers who don't leave, the Time Warner executives who devised the strategy ought to be updating their resumes.

Time Warner has added insult to injury with its ads saying it acted out of concern for customers. That is hogwash because everyone knows that any increased payment to CBS will be passed right along to the customers.

When Time Warner's franchise in L.A. comes up for renewal, customers should let the City Council know that this company does not operate in the public interest. Better yet, it would be great fun to see Time Warner argue its case in front of Judge Judy — that is, if it ever lets her back on the schedule.

Gary R. Levine

West Hills


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