The bullet train is still a bad idea

To the editor: So now California's high-speed rail system will be a super Metrolink, shuttling people between Burbank and Palmdale in a few minutes. You can dress it up, but it is still a bad idea. ("Burbank-Palmdale segment added to bullet train timetable," June 30)

Spending tens of billions of dollars to provide subsidized transportation to a very small percentage of Californians while we are an earthquake away from the collapse of the state's water system is insane. How about using the $250 million a year to put solar power on houses, businesses and parking lots? That would realize the goals of California's cap-and-trade system in a cost-effective and timely way.

High-speed rail and L.A.'s new transit lines are 20th century technologies but are not cost-effective 21st century transportation systems.

Can we do better? Or is the solution just over officials' heads?

Murry I. Rozansky, Chatsworth


To the editor: Just like everything else having to do with the bullet train, I expect the projection of 14 to 16 minutes to get from Burbank to Palmdale to be wildly optimistic.

According to Google, it's about 55 miles between the two cities. That would mean that the train would have to go from zero to about 200 mph instantly and then back to zero by stopping on a dime, as it would take traveling at that speed the entire distance to make the trip in the stated time.

Or, are officials planning on burrowing straight through the mountains?

This is more insane wasting of taxpayer money.

Joe Sykora, Woodland Hills

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