Letters: A tale of two tired airports

Re "Airport is almost a terminal case," Jan. 28

I was interested to read your story about how unpleasant New York's LaGuardia Airport is, but for LAX users, the article might have been better titled, "Pot calls kettle black."

It is deeply unpleasant to fly to and from Los Angeles International Airport. It offers a dirty, crowded and hassle-heavy experience.

What might help is if those in charge of LAX treated L.A./Ontario International Airport more like a partner when it comes to helping manage congestion rather treating it like a rival to be put out of business. Implementing policies that would cause some flights to move to Ontario would reduce traffic around the 405 Freeway and shorten some of the lines that snake throughout LAX.

Currently, Ontario's clean and spacious terminals are underused while, at LAX, everyone struggles like characters in "The Hunger Games."

Shaun Bowler



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