Thingloss with hoodia from Express Effects Cosmetics

Express Effects Thingloss ($28; The product: Thingloss takes two approaches to appetite suppression. It offers “crave controlling” ingredients such as hoodia and kola nut, and it stimulates an olfactory response with peppermint essential oil. Just as the aroma of freshly baked cookies can make you feel hungry, certain scents, such as peppermint, may (conversely) inhibit your appetite. Other ingredients include vitamin E, safflower oil and cinnamon. It comes in two neutral shades. The test: As instructed, we inhaled the scent of the gloss (reminiscent of spiced gingerbread cookies) 30 minutes before a meal three times in each nostril, then applied the product three times daily, as recommended. The verdict: The super-sheer gloss has a slightly oily consistency that keeps lips smooth, but the tint fades quickly. The strong smell helped temporarily diminish our appetite, but it’s difficult to tell how long the effect actually lasted.
Express Effects Cosmetics
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