Cadillac Converj concept

Cadillac Converj concept One of the absolute smash hits of the Detroit Show -- so sayeth I -- is Cadillac's concept Converj, a gorgeous, provocative, heated diamond of a sports coupe that could -- just theoretically -- contain the same range-extended gas-electric hybrid powertrain from the Volt. GM has inevitably hung a branded name around this technology: Volt-tec. (Whatever happened to E-Flex?) Like the Volt, the car is proposed with a 16 kilowatt-hour battery and a 40-mile all-electric range. The Converj joins the Fisker Karma in the growing class of proposed luxury plug-in hybrids. The packaging advantages of the Volt-tec powertrain is made manifest, in the dramatic cab-forward posture of the car, which is "doable" because there's not a big chunk of an engine under the hood. In fact, the car has a nose worthy of a mid-engine Lambo. Yes, well, there's just one leetle bit of a problem with Converj. The Volt-tec powertrain is obstinately front-drive and any Cadillac coupe worth its wreath and crest would be rear drive. I'm sure that can be fixed in rewrite. -- Dan Neil Related story: A Cadillac defibrillated by a Volt
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