Can your workouts be more eco-friendly? Yes. Here are 5 ways.

Here are some ideas for a more sustainable workout — for you and, perhaps, the planet.

Walk. No equipment, no driving, no gym. If you're more ambitious, run.

No more disposable water bottles. Or paper towels.

Go old-school, with push-ups, jumping jacks and other exercises or yoga routines you can do at home.

Try grown-up playgrounds. Some city parks have "fitness zones," with outdoor gym equipment. There's one set in La Cienega Park, at the corner of La Cienega and Olympic boulevards, with kids' equipment nearby.

Whatever you do, do it outdoors. You'll consume less energy — whether or not you use more.

Want to do a bit more?

Talk to the managers of your gym about turning off lights and TVs when they're not in use, or about other changes.

Take your family camping. It may cost some fuel to get to the site, but once you are there, you won't use much and you'll get to appreciate a piece of Earth.

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