Favorite takes on deviled eggs

How many ways can you stuff an egg? It seems like today's chefs are determined to find yet one more way. Here are a few favorites from L.A. area restaurants:

Clementine: Radishes and chives.

Freddy Small's: "Buffalo deviled eggs" — blue cheese and hot sauce, garnished with crisp chicken skin and micro-celery.

Haven Gastropub: Smoked salt, bacon, pickles and chives.

Jar: Homemade aioli, mustard, Tabasco and topped with crab, chives and Spanish paprika

Josie: Crispy bacon, pickled beets and scallions.

Le Grande Orange Café: Pickle relish topped with bacon, chives, and fresh cracked black pepper.

Susan Feniger's Street: Angry Eggs — green and red Sriracha and reshampati chile.

—Russ Parsons

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