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Even more bacon recipes

  • Recipe: Roasted potato salad

    Recipe: Roasted potato salad

    To put it mildly, Test Kitchen manager Noelle Carter has a thing for bacon. This winter, in fact, she wrote a story confessing that one of her favorite Christmas gifts ever was a 6-pound variety pack of the stuff. "Now if that's not true love, I don't know what is," she wrote. The simple fact is...

  • Recipe: Apple bacon coffeecake

    Recipe: Apple bacon coffeecake


  • Panzanella


    Total time: About 1 hour

  • Recipe: Maple bacon biscuits

    Recipe: Maple bacon biscuits

    Breakfast is making a comeback in Southern California restaurants -- even in places you might not expect it. Such as at hip Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica, where pastry chef Zoe Nathan makes these amazing biscuits. Made with a full pound of bacon and 1/2 pound of butter, Times restaurant critic...

  • Candied bacon martini

    Candied bacon martini

    Candied bacon martini

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