IOS Game Center to ditch casino look in next version, report says

Say goodbye to the casino look in Apple's Game Center.

A report Wednesday by AllThingsD says the seventh generation of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 7, will ditch the widely unpopular craps table design used in Game Center, an Apple app where users can go to start multiplayer games with their friends and compare their high scores.

“You know Game Center’s green felt craps table? Well, goodbye, Circus Circus,” an anonymous source told AllThingsD.

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The AllThingsD report is the latest in a series of recent reports that Apple is ditching the realistic-looking design it has been using the last couple of years, known as skeuomorphic, in favor of a flatter, more simple look similar to that of Windows Phone 8.

The skeuomorphic design can be seen in apps like iBooks, Calendar and, of course, Game Center, which are made to look like objects in the real world. But now that the look of the software user interface is under the direction of Apple lead hardware designer Jony Ive for the first time, the look is expected to change. 

AllThingsD's report followed a report by Bloomberg that Ive was undertaking a major overhaul of iOS' design despite the possibility of delaying the software. Sources in the AllThingsD report, however, say Apple will be able to deliver on time, meaning there will be a preview ready for this summer's Worldwide Developers Conference.

"It will ship on time,” an unnamed source said in the report. 


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