9. Affordable 4K TVs, 4K screens on mobile devices

This was the first full year that 4K Ultra HD televisions were on sale to consumers, but so far, most of the sets are way too pricey. We're talking several thousand dollars for quality TV sets. Ultra HD TVs -- which have four times the resolution of HD TVs -- are very nice, but they don't deliver the kind of leap forward that consumers got when they bought their first HD TVs. The difference in quality isn't blatantly noticeable. If the TV industry wants 4K Ultra HD to catch on, prices need to come down -- preferably in time for this summer's World Cup. In 2014, we want to see more 4K TVs at prices that consumers can actually afford. This means consumers need to see more models that are available for less than $1,000. Additionally, it'd be nice to see 4K Ultra HD screens on our smartphones and tablets. Already, many mobile devices have full 1080p HD screens, and in November Qualcomm announced a new processor that is capable of bringing 4K Ultra HD to mobile gadgets. So let's not delay this.
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