Computer science and economics are top majors for getting job offers

Computer science and economics majors outrank all other majors when it comes to getting job offers before graduation, according to a recent report.

More than two-thirds of students who study computing received at least one offer before getting their diploma last year, according to a survey from the National Assn. of Colleges and Employers. About 62% of economics graduates got at least one offer as well.

They are followed by students who studied accounting (61.2%), engineering (59%) and business administration (54.3%).

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Clustered at the bottom are primarily humanities majors: only 27.8% of visual and performing arts majors got a job offer before graduation last year, while 28.9% of education students did.

And now for the good news: average starting salaries for all college graduates last year jumped 2.6% to $45,633, led by business and communications students.

In fact, the association recently reported in a separate survey that average starting salaries for students who graduated last year climbed 2.9% for those who studied humanities and social sciences, and only 1.1% for those who majored in math and sciences (although math and science majors still had a higher overall salary).


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