Beware of bogus magazine subscriptions

Charles was surprised by the official-looking subscription-renewal form for the Atlantic magazine. At $75, it seemed a whole lot pricier than the last time he renewed.

Looking more closely, he saw that the form wasn't from the Atlantic but was instead from something called Associated Publishers Network.

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He wants to know: Are these guys legit?

The answer, in a word, is no.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Associated Publishers Network operates under a variety of aliases, including United Publishers Clearing House, National Magazine Services, Orbital Publishing and Publisher's Billing Exchange.

No matter how they're presenting themselves, the racket is always the same: What looks like a legitimate renewal form is actually an attempt to get you to subscribe at a wildly inflated price.

Don't fall for it. First, if you see a Nevada return address, it's likely these guys.

Second, if you really want to subscribe, just go to the magazine's website, where you'll certainly receive a more reasonable offer.

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