Maserati Kubang

Yes, that’s right folks; this is a Maserati sport utility vechicle. Now, before your eyebrows go all William F. Buckley Jr., keep in mind that a decade ago a Porsche SUV was as heretical to that brand as a line of toasters would have been. So in a way it’s surprising Maserati didn’t do this sooner (though, as the company points out, a Kubang SUV concept was presented at the 2003 Detoit Auto Show). This version was made possible because Maserati’s parent company, Fiat, also owns a majority stake of Chrysler, and therefore Jeep, and therefore the Jeep Grand Cherokee, on which this Kubang is loosely based. In fact, the Kubang (already tired of saying that) will be made in Detroit, alongside the Grand Cherokee and its cousin, the Dodge Durango. --David Undercoffler / @LATimes_Driven
Hannelore Foerster / Bloomberg
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