'Hell on Wheels' | 2011

White hat: Cullen Bohannon, played by Anson Mount (above left with recently freed slave Ellam Ferguson, played by Common), isn't your traditional western hero -- he's a man on a mission to avenge his wife's brutal murder, and jail time alone won't do. Bohannon spends his time saving lives, standing up for freed slaves and knocking off his wife's murderers one by one. A complicated leading man, he strives for a justice he's defined on his own terms. Black hat: This western's black hat takes its form in the 1860s issues of a changing world. Bohannon, who has lost the love of his life, has nothing to lose, and because of this, all injustice becomes his charge. Characters struggle to stay afloat in the rugged frontier and to accept the new traditions and culture of the Wild West.
Chris Large / AMC
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