'Top of the Lake': Join a live chat with Holly Hunter on Wednesday

Join actress Holly Hunter and Times staff writer Glenn Whipp at noon Pacific time Wednesday for a live video chat about Hunter's work on the Sundance Channel's riveting miniseries "Top of the Lake."

We're assuming you're at least passingly familiar with Holly Hunter's Oscar-winning turn in Jane Campion's 1993 masterpiece of moody atmosphere "The Piano." And you might well have imagined that Hunter would never come across a character as singular as that film's mute Scotswoman, though, yes, subsequently she worked with David Cronenberg on "Crash" and was pretty fantastic as Mrs. Incredible in "The Incredibles."

But Hunter and Campion reunited this year for the meticulous mystery "Top of the Lake," and Hunter's enigmatic, androgynous GJ, the blunt oracle leading a New Age compound for women, rivals any character she's played in terms of originality and daring. We'll ask Hunter about working with Campion again, donning GJ's gray wig and anything else you'd like to bring to the table. Join us with your questions, won't you?


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