'Save Me' plans to end its run with Betty White as God

NBC burned off its episodes of the Anne Heche comedy series "Save Me" over the last month, but though it was never given much of a chance, it's ending its run with an eye-catching guest appearance. The ubiquitous Betty White will be appearing as God.

The series, which cast Heche as a woman who forms a direct line of communication with God after nearly choking to death on a sandwich, will be ending June 13 with an episode titled "Holier Than Thou," and in it, Heche's character will come face to face with the deity she's been talking to all this time.

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Of course, God doesn't always look like Betty White. In fact, for the purposes of this show, the Almighty actively chooses the guise of Betty White because people are comfortable with her. (This latter bit of info was via a preview clip of her appearance first posted on the Huffington Post.)

White's appearance as God actually outdoes George Burns' 1977 turn in the role age-wise. Burns was 81 when he played God in Carl Reiner's film "Oh, God!" White is 91.


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