Marc Maron reveals his podcast shame to Jimmy Kimmel

Marc Maron wanted to interview Kevin McDonald, but he got Kevin Macdonald.

Marc Maron has established himself as a top-notch interviewer through his "WTF" podcast, but even he has limits, as he admitted to Jimmy Kimmel during a sit-down Monday on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Maron admitted that recently he was asked by his part-time assistant if he was interested in interviewing Kevin Macdonald. Being a big "Kids in the Hall" fan, Maron was quick to agree. 

But when Macdonald arrived at Maron's house to do the interview, Maron had no idea who he was. Turns out, it was the director of "The Last King of Scotland" and many other films. It was not Kevin McDonald, the "Kids in the Hall" sketch performer.

Luckily, Maron had seen one of Macdonald's films and was able to conduct a halfway decent interview. But it only lasted half the usual hour-long time. Why?

"I couldn't keep it up anymore," Maron said. "I just wanted him out of my house."

Maron eventually got to interview the other Kevin McDonald and paired the two interviews on a podcast he released March 10. 

You can listen to the Macdonald/McDonald interviews here. Beware NSFW language.

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