'Hell's Kitchen' recap: A hairy dinner service

Nothing encourages home cooking quite like an episode of "Hell's Kitchen."

When the chefs aren't sweating -- literally -- over your food, they're poking at it with their fingers … or dropping a hair in it.


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Whose hair ended up on a diner's plate, wedged between a hamburger slider and its bun? Not exactly sure.

But Mary's a good bet, as she was the one making the sliders. I know hair nets are not a good look for TV, but diners would probably welcome them.

And it might be a good idea for Mary to be a little less blasé about hair-in-food. I'd like her to be less "Whatever, I refired it" and more "OMG, I cannot believe that happened."

We're in for a few more weeks of thinning the herd, does anyone stand out to you?

I thought Michael might turn into a front-runner, but he is in a slump, by his own admission. The night started with a juicy steak challenge that separated the men from the boys.

Barret overcooked his hangar steak, a cut that is notoriously easy to overcook. He does not seem long for this realm of hell, especially when he seems unable to understand Chef Gordon Ramsay's orders when he bellows them.

Hence, the priceless quote: "I gotta figure out what he's saying when he's saying it."

Yes, Barret, that would be a good idea.

Thought: Why doesn't "Hell's Kitchen" put out a cookbook a la "MasterChef"? That blueberry-vanilla sauce looked amazing. Maybe not enough to pour it all over a steak -- but interesting enough to serve it on the side!

After weeks of getting the upper hand in challenges and services, the women seem to be struggling. Ramsay said all the success went to their heads along with the celebratory bubbly.

Kudos to Amanda for not blaming Jacqueline for her missteps (she could have) but it was all for nothing.

Jacqueline and her puka shells were sent home.


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