What if 'Game of Thrones' were a theme park comedy?

HBO's "Game of Thrones" has a lot: exotic locations, rich characters, dense political intrigue, ice zombies and dragons! But what if George R.R. Martin had gotten together with series producers Dan Weiss and David Benioff and re-envisioned it as a wacky ensemble comedy set in a medieval theme park. You know, it could be called, "Medieval Land Fun-Time World."

That's the premise behind Bad Lip Reading's latest video, taking three seasons of murder, betrayal, incest, scheming, sex and dragons and turning it into something Judd Apatow could have produced.

And you know something? It works.

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Sure, there are some accommodations made. First, everyone seems to have lost their British accents. Sociopathic King Joffrey has been refashioned as ridiculous Jojo and poor victimized Sansa is now a mean girl. Witty Tyrion is streetwise Terry and Jaime Lannister is now sad, strange Jimmy Whisper.

Yes, the trailer doesn't make a lot of sense. But come on, the lines really match those mouth movements. And makes "Game of Thrones" even more fascinating than it already is.


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