Seattle photographer publishes new Cobain portraits

In recent days, there have been a bevy of new published images of Kurt Cobain and his surroundings. Sadly, many of them have been police photos taken from the site of his suicide 20 years ago.

More happily, the Seattle photographer Charles Peterson has published (via Billboard) a new gallery of his favorite shots of Cobain over the years. Some of them have neve been seen before.

The shots include intimate portraits, candid point-and-shoot moments on the street and volatile concert images taken from directly onstage.

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The centerpiece of the collection is a previously unpublished shot of Cobain and daughter Frances Bean celebrating her first birthday at home. 

"It's so finite. What is out there is out there," Peterson told Billboard. "So any new little thing out there is adding to the puzzle, to the mystery. So that's why I think he keeps getting written about."


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