Rebel Wilson: Four film roles more fun than 'Super Fun Night'

Rebel Wilson's new television series "Super Fun Night" premiered to a solid audience of 8.2 milion viewers Wednesday night on ABC, despite many critics lamenting that the show wastes the Australian actress' considerable comedic gifts in favor of sight gags about her weight.

After breaking out with defiantly weird performances in films like "Bridesmaids" and "Pitch Perfect," Wilson drops her Aussie accent for the network sitcom and plays a sweeter type as attorney Kimmie Boubier. Time will tell whether Kimmie's character evolves some sharper edges over the course of the season. While we wait, we recommend some of Wilson's spicier film roles:

"Bridesmaids" -- As the obnoxious English roommate to Kristen Wiig's Annie in this 2011 comedy about female friendship, Wilson's character, Brynn, brags about the free tattoo she got in a van ("It's a Mexican drinking worm. It's like a Native American symbol meaning 'wasted' ") and explains that she read Annie's diary because "at first I did not know that it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad, handwritten book."

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"Pitch Perfect" -- In this 2012 musical comedy about a college a capella group,  Wilson is the Tasmania-born "Fat Amy," a name she gave herself, she explains, so that skinny girls wouldn't give it to her behind her back. Fat Amy sings in a riff-off, dances "mermaid style" and confesses, in a moment of vulnerability, that her real name is Fat Patricia.

"What to Expect When You're Expecting?" -- As Janice, a loyal but eccentric clerk at a breastfeeding boutique run by Elisabeth Banks' tightly wound Wendy, Wilson rescues her boss from a public speaking nightmare in this 2012 comedy. "What's this liquid on my butt?" Janice asks, teetering onto a stage in Wendy's soiled dress. "Maybe I just peed myself 'cause I'm pregnant. And that's why I go to the Breast Choice for all my pregnancy needs!"

"Bachelorette" -- In this 2012 black comedy about three women (Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher) who resent their friend's engagement, Wilson plays bride-to-be Becky, a rare straight-faced role for the actress. As her friends hit a strip club, snort cocaine and ruin Becky's wedding dress, the bride stays mainly sweet and oblivious until she's stuck heading to her ceremony without a gown. "I'm gonna walk in wearing my pajamas like I'm Michael Jackson," Becky says.


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