Naomi Watts' 'Diana' trailer long on looks, short on words

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“The Legend Is Never The Whole Story,” an inter-title promises in the new trailer for “Diana,” Naomi Watts’ take on the iconic royal.

For that full tale, though, we’ll have to wait for a later point — perhaps the release of the Oliver Hirschbiegel film.

The one-minute teaser released today features no dialogue, instead playing a piano theme over a quick succession of shots of Watts as Lady Di, looking if not sounding like the late legend. We see a series of images of the Princess of Wales: with family at home, with glitterati at parties, avoiding paparazzi in the London streets.

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The movie focuses on Diana’s relationship with Hasnat Khan (Naveen Andrews), whom she met in the last years of her life. There's a quick shot of that too, but anything more specific about her character will have to wait.

Incidentally, the movie will come in the same season as “Grace of Monaco,” in which fellow Aussie and bff Nicole Kidman also takes on a galvanizing royal. The two movies should not be confused, though we have a feeling a hip-hop dance competition between the two would quickly go viral.

Distributor eOne will release “Diana” on an as-yet uspecified 2013 date in the U.S.


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