Maggie Gyllenhaal: Blond hair 'doesn't make you happy'

Maggie Gyllenhaal explains her quick experimentation with blond hair.

Sounds like she didn't have more fun -- Maggie Gyllenhaal went blond for a few months and quickly decided to return to being a brunet.

The "White House Down" actress' short-lived foray into lighter hair color lasted from April to the beginning of June and it turns out she didn't change her look for a role. 

"I dyed my hair blond because I wanted to feel better about myself," she told The Independent during an interview in which she also discusses changing accents and the Israel-Palestine conflict.

"I do like it blond, but it doesn't make you happy," she said. "The truth is: it was a long hard winter and I thought, maybe this will change my life. But it never does. I should know that by now, I'm 36 years old."

And that's the first and last time the Ministry of Gossip will be making warnings about finding solutions at the bottom of a hair dye bottle.

Jake Gyllenhaal's older sister hit a handful of red carpet events in early May sporting the lighter 'do, including the 2014 Met Gala with her bro, the Dior Cruise fashion show and NYC's Museum of Modern Art's 2014 Party in the Garden.

But by the time the Stella McCartney Fashion Show, Women In Film and Tony Awards rolled around in early June, the the mother of two's pixie cut was brown again. And we don't mind it one bit.

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