Johnny Weir, Victor Voronov have 'happily reconciled, skater says

Johnny Weir's divorce from Victor Voronov is officially over, skater tweets.

Johnny Weir and husband Victor Voronov are officially back together after dipping their toes in a very ugly divorce pond, the Olympic skater turned TV personality announced Tuesday. 

"My husband and I have happily reconciled," Weir tweeted overnight. "Please respect our privacy and integrity at this time."

That statement follows rumors of a reconciliation-with-strings-attached that bubbled up in mid-April only to be shot down days later when Voronov told Us Weekly that the split was still on.

A disagreement over Weir's "meddling mother" appeared to be getting much of the blame at that point, but that was hardly the only point of contention in the drama-filled split, which went public March 19.

Weir, who signed divorce documents Feb. 28, reportedly told his husband about his intentions in late January, two days before leaving for the Sochi Olympics, where he and Tara Lipinski served as commentators for NBC. Voronov, however, claimed that the divorce news had blindsided him in the middle of March.

After the news broke, Weir admitted to incidents of domestic violence that happened before he left for Sochi, specifically one that saw him arrested for allegedly biting Voronov. He also said some of his "closest friends" had seen him hit his spouse before.

"We were fighting in such a terrible way, and it did get physical on that night, and it's unfortunate that things went the way that it did because domestic violence is never the way to go," Weir told Access Hollywood.

Of the incident in which he was accused of biting Voronov, he said, "I was defending myself and it’s unfortunate that there was a mark left on his body because as soon the police came to our home the first thing he did was show this mark, so I knew then he didn’t really care that much and all he is out to do is hurt me."

The couple had showed up in court together in early March and asked a judge to dismiss the charge.

As recently as last week, Voronov, who has a law degree but was a stay-at-home husband after he and Weir married, sat down with "Inside Edition" and pulled few punches about his significant other.

"I'll always love him, yes, I love him," said Voronov, who tied the knot with Weir on New Year's Eve 2011. "What he's done to me is unforgivable. Morally reprehensible. It is the most conniving behavior I've ever seen anybody do.

"But that doesn't take away from the fact that I love him. You could still love somebody who's evil. ... I don't want to use the term 'evil,' because that's a very harsh term, but you can still love somebody who induces you to love them."

And then there was the Faberge egg debacle: Weir wound up in tears at the end of March, according to TMZ, as the couple and their lawyers hashed out what community property would be sold and how. Among the items at issue were the $20,000 egg, some Louis Vuitton luggage and the couple's wedding rings. 

But apparently that whole mess is all part of the past? See no evil, hear no evil, label nobody evil — it's all good. 

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