Russell Brand's recipe for revolution coming to bookshelves

Russell Brand, the actor and comedian and author, is adding a new vocation to his resume -- revolutionary.

The Bookseller reports that the British publisher Century purchased the U.K. and Commonwealth rights for a new book from Brand in which he offers up his views on ecology, rioting and “the total mistrust of politicians.”

Ben Dunn, publishing director of Century, said the book will be “a provocation, urging its readers to discard apathy and challenge the status quo.”

Brand’s previous books are memoirs: “My Booky Wook” and “Booky Wook 2: This Time It's Personal.” In Britain, Brand is famous for many things, including his interview (since gone viral) with a skeptical BBC television newscaster  in which he liberally tossed around the words “underclass,” “apathy,” “socialism” and “paradigm.” He says “profit” is a dirty word and claims to have never voted.

He went on to guest edit an issue of New Statesman, a lefty British magazine, which included a sort of manifesto "on revolution."

In a statement, Brand said of his forthcoming book, "People keep asking me how The Revolution will work? 'We all want to bring down the government and establish a personal and global utopia, but how?' they ask.

"Well, in this book, I'm going to explain it," he continued. "Having accrued the greatest wisdom known to man (by conducting interviews, watching DVDs, reading books, thinking and looking at the sky) I am now able to put in a simple, accessible book(y wook) the solution to internal and external turmoil. And about time, too."

The book is due out this fall. No word on whether an American capitalist publisher will take up the project.


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