'Entourage' movie may finally happen. Freer upped at Fox.

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The Skinny: Tough night for St. Louis as the Cardinals and Rams lost. Don't count the Cards out. If anyone can win two on the road, it's them. Tuesday's Morning Fix includes a look at KNBC-TV's new network for Los Angeles bus riders. Also, the "Entourage" movie inched closer to reality, the trial of Rebekah Brooks is underway in London and Aereo may have some high electric bills to swallow. We had nice traffic here Monday, so thanks to all of you for reading.

Daily Dose: Next time you fly Southwest, you may be able to borrow an iPad for the flight to watch television. Satellite broadcaster Dish Network is teaming up with the airline to offer fliers an iPad they can use for TV watching (and presumably other stuff too). "With the holiday travel season fast approaching, we want to give travelers the chance to relax and enjoy their favorite programming, whether in the air on Southwest or on the ground through Dish Anywhere,” said Dish marketing chief James Moorhead. Just be sure to give it back when you get off the plane.

Get on the bus. These days it is all about captive viewing. That's media-industry speak for programming aimed at people who literally have no choice but to watch. An example of this is when you are in a movie theater and ads or promotions are blaring at you while you wait for the movie to start. Or when you get in a cab and the monitor in the back seat goes on with a blast of news and commercials (although often you can turn that one off). Now NBCUniversal's KNBC-TV is bringing news programming (and commercials, of course) to Los Angeles buses. I'm guessing no NBC executives ever take public transportation, because if they did, they would know how annoying this is. But hey, anything for a dollar. More on KNBC's bus business from the Los Angeles Times.

Order in the court. The trial of British tabloid editors Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson is underway. The two were senior executives at Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. and are accused of phone hacking and obstruction of justice. The scandal led Murdoch to shutter his News of the World tabloid and gave a black eye to the mogul, his family and the company. The New York Times has a look at what's at stake in the trial and whether it will lead to changes in the aggressiveness of the British tabloids. 

Big bills. Not only does the start-up company Aereo face costly legal battles with big broadcasters over its business of distributing local television signals to consumers via the Internet, it has very high electric bills. Aereo picks up the tab for the juice required to make its little antennas work. The Wall Street Journal takes a look at whether the cost of the electricity is as much a challenge to Aereo's future as its court fights.

Hug it out. The deals are finally done with the cast of "Entourage" for a movie based on the HBO comedy about Hollywood, said creator Doug Ellin. At issue was, duh, money. Now the question is whether "Entourage" can make the transition from HBO to the big screen the way "Sex and the City" did. More on the movie project from the Hollywood Reporter.

Handy Randy. Randy Freer is moving from co-president of Fox Sports to president and chief operating officer of the Fox Networks Group, the unit that houses the company's broadcast and cable channels. The move will solve two problems for Fox. It frees up Fox Networks Chairman Peter Rice to focus more on content while Freer handles business matters including distribution and advertising, and it ends the at-times awkward partnership with Eric Shanks at Fox Sports. Details from the Los Angeles Times and Variety.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: If you want to feel old, here's a preview of the AARP's film festival.

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