'Kundun' (1997)

Description: Martin Scorsese's biopic of the 14th Dalai Lama, beginning with his early boyhood and culminating with his flight from Tibet in 1959. Of special note: Glass received his first Oscar nomination for his score to "Kundun." Glass on "Kundun": "Another one of my favorite films. During the editing process, I was there every day. I wanted to see what these guys were doing. Marty is a nonstop course in filmmaking. He'll tell you what he's doing. At the beginning, Melissa Mathison, the screenwriter, called me and said that Marty was doing this film. I ended up persuading him to let me do it. I said, Marty, I have to do this film. And he said, why is that? And I said this world you're describing no longer exists. It's an imaginary place. You have a special problem. What the music will do is solve that problem. The music is a thruway to the world of Tibet. I wanted the job and I got it. That conversation took about 15 minutes.... During the filming, I wanted him to take the music with him. I started sending music to Morocco [where they shot the movie]. He played the music for the actors. For the flight into India, he wanted a continuous piece of music -- a 23-minute piece. This is fantastic for a composer."
Mario Tursi
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