Julia Louis-Dreyfus is golden in 'Enough Said'

If you haven't caught Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the delightfully out-of-her depth vice president in her Emmy-winning HBO comedy "Veep," and have only dim memories of Elaine, "Seinfeld's" yuppie princess with a pea, "Enough Said" is an excellent example of her goofy, gracious way with comedy. Writer-director Nicole Holofcener's bittersweet romantic comedy about the difficulties of middle-age relationships is right in the actress' sweet spot, where insecurities and good intentions battle it out. Both Louis-Dreyfus and costar James Gandolfini (in his final role) are excellent with all the emotional fumbling that goes on as they teeter toward love. Yet for all Gandolfini's sweetness as a seriously lovable lug, Louis-Dreyfus carries the movie on those ever so slight shoulders. The actress has a flair for using comedy to expose deep vulnerability — but lightly. The single mom is struggling with a nest that's about to be empty and a new love she has no idea how to handle. As a woman on the verge of a little happiness, Louis-Dreyfus is gold.


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