Alfredo Dinten

Bio: 43, a commodity trader from Staten Island, N.Y. He is married, with three children. Height and weight: 6-foot-0 and 367 pounds. Dinten, a football player in his youth and a U.S. Marine who served during Operation Desert Storm, said his first workout at The Biggest Loser Ranch was "as hard as anything that I've ever done." He said that he is not bothered by Bob and Jillian riding him during workouts. Quite the contrary. "They're there for me. I feel like they are supporting me. It's their way of telling me 'C'mon, you can do this.' It's only 'yelling' when you quit." Dinten has a high-stress job but says he cannot blame that for his weight gain. In fact, he says he has no good excuses for putting on all the extra weight. His wife is a good cook who prepares healthful foods, and no one else in his immediate family is overweight. There's just one reason, he said. "I've lost my discipline." Dinten said that he feels blessed by life. And if he wins the show, he will pay it forward by donating all the money -- "every penny" -- to charity.
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