'Chobani recall' isn't a recall, but 'hissing' yogurt is pulled

Chobani recall? Not officially, but 15 flavors of the popular American brand of Greek yogurt have been voluntarily pulled off store shelves after customers reported certain cups appeared to be swelling. 

The company has not issued an official recall, according to the Associated Press, but admitted the swelling could be caused by a type of mold commonly found in dairy products. Yogurt cups with the code 16-012 and an expiration date between Sept. 11 and Oct. 7 have been voluntarily pulled, according to a post on the company blog.  

Beginning last week, customers took to Twitter and Facebook to let Chobani know their yogurt cups were fizzing, swelling and bloating. 

"My #chobani yogurt just hissed at me... And it's fizzy... And I ate some...:/" wrote Arizona resident Angelica Dawn, @dangerxxdawn1h on Twitter. 

Chobani officials say the yogurt cups with the mold came from its facility in Idaho, the AP reported. Less than 5% of the yogurt is said to have the mold. 

Chobani is asking customers who purchased cups with the code and expiration dates affected to contact its customer loyalty team to be provided with replacements. 


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