A cat cafe in the U.S.? For now, it's dreams of eating, drinking, playing with felines

Hold on to your bowl of milk, feline friends: An entrepreneur wants to open a Boston cafe for cat lovers who'd love a spot to eat, drink and play while surrounded by whiskers.

To which I say: Why didn't I think of that?

There's a Tumblr dedicated to this wild, wacky and wonderful idea called, appropriately enough, Cat Cafe Dream, which promises to bring the U.S. its "first cat cafe." The cafe's planned name? Miaou, and it even has it's own Facebook page and Twitter account.

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Miaou is inspired by similar cafes in Europe and Asia, where cat cafes are not uncommon. Paris is purring over its new cat cafe, above. This YouTube video is about a cat cafe in Tokyo. And the Los Angeles Times wrote about a cat cafe in Seoul way back in 2010. 

Looking at Miaou's not-terribly-active social media accounts, you might wonder whether this is a dream that followed a night of too much catnip, or a prank intended to rile up the cat-loving internets.

But the entrepreneur behind the endeavor earned a bump this week when Boston.com wrote about it, and insists the cat cafe is real. 

"I'm very serious about this and determined to have be created by the end of 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts," the entrepreneur says on the website.

One of the big issues, of course, is pesky board of health concerns, according to the website. "We have thought of preparing food off-site or just serving beverages as a way to combat going against food regulations."

The cafe envisions staffing up its kitty ranks with rescue animals that would then be available for adoption. 

"I’m very passionate about animal welfare and will do my utmost best to provide a clean, stress-free environment for the cats living at the cafe. I’m not looking to exploit the cats just to gain some profit," according to the website.

BTW, we're waiting for a call back from the entrepreneur behind this cat cafe dream, and if we get it we will update this post.

What do you think about a kitten and cat cafe? Or, a puppy and dog version? Would you become a regular customer?


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