From 'Slumberland,' a novel by Paul Beatty

I remember everything I've ever heard. Every dropped nickel, raindrop drip-drop, sneaker squeak, and sheep bleat. Every jump rope chant, Miss Mary Mack Mack hand clap, and "eenie meenie chili beanie oop bop-bop bellini" method for choosing who's it. I remember every sappy R&B radio lyric and distorted Hendrix riff. Every Itzhak Perlman pluck and squishy backseat contorted make-out session. I can still hear every Hey you, You the man, and John Philip Sousa euphonium toot and every tree rustle and street-corner hustle. I remember every sound I've ever heard. It's like my entire life is a song I can't get out of my head.

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