'Arrested Development': Tobias Funke's shorts have a back story

I'm excited about Sunday's release of Fox's new episodes of "Arrested Development."

In my household, we've been watching old episodes of the cult-favorite series that ran on Fox from 2003-2006, to reacquaint ourselves with the Bluth family. Not that we'd forgotten them in the last few years. The characters were way too memorable for that. Gob, Lindsay, George Sr., Michael, George Michael, Buster, Lucille, Maeby -- all are indelibly hilarious.

In recent interviews, most of the actors behind the characters sound delighted to return to the Bluth family. David Cross, who plays Tobias Funke, isn't even worried about donning the character's short-short, cutoff "never nude," shorts. He's gained a few pounds, he said in one interview, but wardrobe just let them out a bit, and all is well.

Our Adam Tschorn caught up with the series' costume designer recently, and found that costuming the gang after all these years actually did pose some challenges. And she told him the back story behind finding Tobias' shorts in the first place. Read about it here.

As for me, I can't wait to see what Portia de Rossi (Lindsay) and Jessica Walter (Lucille) wear. It's bound to be more fashionable -- though maybe not as funny -- as Tobias' shorts.


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