For the record

Weather page: In the July 8 LATExtra section, the weather page published was for the July 1 edition and contained data and records for June 30.

Wisconsin abortion law: A brief article in the July 9 LATExtra section about a judge's temporary halt of a pending new abortion law in Wisconsin said that the law would require women to view an ultrasound of the fetus. In fact, the law would require providers to "display the ultrasound images so that the pregnant woman may view them" but would not require her to look. The article also said that the law would permit fathers and grandparents of aborted fetuses to sue doctors for emotional distress, even if they had consented to the abortion in writing. In fact, they could sue only if the provider violated the abortion law, in which case a contract would not be a defense in court.

Money Talk: The headline on a column in the July 7 Business section said that "Chapter 11 could be the only recourse" for a reader who had incurred large credit card debts. Individuals who file for protection from creditors are covered by Chapters 7 and 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, not Chapter 11.

Missing pit bull: In the July 9 LATExtra section, an article about a pit bull found in Florida and returned to California said that the dog was photographed crossing the border from Florida into Mississippi. The two states do not share a border. The dog was photographed as he was being driven on one part of his journey, from Florida to Mississippi.

E-cigarettes: An article in the July 6 Saturday section about the debate over the use of electronic cigarettes omitted the first name of John "JJ" Jenkins, owner of the Vapor Spot in Westwood.

UCLA basketball: In the July 9 Sports section, the caption for a photo accompanying an article about new Bruins Coach Steve Alford misspelled the name of the former player pictured with Alford as Chris Johnson. He is Kris Johnson, also known as Kristaan.

Mission paintings: An article in the July 8 LATExtra section about the restoration of artwork at Mission San Juan Capistrano said that there were 12 paintings in the church's Stations of the Cross collection. The Stations of the Cross consist of 14 paintings.

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