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Halloween In CT

Halloween Parties For Grown-Ups

Halloween Parties For Grown-Ups

We all know Halloween is really for grown-ups. Here are 10 different ways to party this weekend:...

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Watch This Woman Transform Into A Zombie!

Watch This Woman Transform Into A Zombie!

Makeup artist Kyle Pascuitti shows us how he creates a scary, undead look and how you can...

Halloween Happenings

Best Bets For Halloween Fun In Connecticut

The leaves are turning those dusty reds and oranges, and candy galore fills the grocery store aisles...

Halloween Zip Trips: A Thrill Ride Through The Trees

Halloween Zip Trips: A Thrill Ride Through The Trees

Come October, many of us get in the mood to be a little spooked and frightened from time to time....


Haunting Ideas

Dressed in black

Dressed in black

Halloween menus, if there are such things beyond raiding the kids' plastic jack-o'-lanterns, tend to get all punny and cutesy with the likes...


Photos: Black and orange foods we love

Black and orange foods you love

Good eats or strange looking fare? Your call -- but we've collected some colorful, tasty dishes (recipes included) that are black or...

Rich pumpkin tart without using dairy

Dairy-free pumpkin tart

A dessert that has all the smooth creaminess and great taste of pumpkin cheesecake — without dairy products? Yes, it's possible.

EATINGWELL: Healthy caramel apple needn't be short on taste

Caramel apple

This healthy caramel apple recipe has just enough caramel to give a nice hit of salty-sweet flavor in each bite for a tasty dessert.

Photos: Must-try comfort recipes

Must-try autumn recipes

Give your menu a seasonal makeover with delicious autumn ideas. The recipes are perfection made simple so you'll have plenty of time to...

Halloween Fun

 Last-minute Halloween costume ideas

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas

Twas the week before Halloween, when all through the house, not a costume could be found, not even a mouse.


 Looking for love at a Halloween party? Consider your costume

Looking for love at a Halloween party? Consider your costume

Halloween isn't traditionally thought of as a romantic holiday. Sure, some people use it as an excuse to wear skimpy outfits, but many...

Pumpkins: Our favorite squash

Seasonal fun with pumpkins

A look at the various ways we use and enjoy the great pumpkin. Linus and Charlie Brown aren't the only patrons of fall's most popular...

Photos: Best and worst Halloween candy

Best, worst Halloween candy

Halloween's sweet treats aren't all created equal.