Your holiday survival fitness workout
Bikini season may be behind us but the party season is here and now!

Follow these exercise tips to help you give your metabolism a jump start, trim unsightly fat and build sexy muscle ASAP. Because the more you exercise now, the better chances you have of avoiding the "holiday spread" later. Before you try any of these exercises, be sure to check with your physician to make sure they're right for you.

Arms and Cardio Holding 3-pound dumbbells, scissor your arms up and down over your head 10 times while stepping in place to upbeat music. Start with slower music and work up speed--but not too quickly. Repeat every other day. Add another set of 10 once the exercise becomes easier.

Abdomen and Cardio Lay on your back, clasp your hands behind your head and keep your legs straight out. Pull in your abdomen (tummy) muscles and pull both knees up in the air. Keep your legs parallel to the ground. Toes pointed, circle your feet in the air as though you are riding a bicycle. Start with 30 seconds and build up to 5 minutes. Repeat every other day.

Thighs and Butt Stand in front of a chair with your feet straight down from your hips. Squat while keeping your back straight, your abs in and your knees behind your toes. Lightly touch the chair with your butt and then squeeze it to stand up. Repeat 3 or 4 times and build up to 3 sets of 10 times.

Hips and Waist Run to the store and get a hula hoop! Work up to 10 minutes a day which you can break up into shorter intervals if you wish.

  • Tummy. Pull in your belly for 5 seconds and rest for 5 seconds. Repeat for a few minutes. Works best when standing. You can do this while waiting at the cash register!
  • Legs, thighs and cardio. Walk as much and as far as possible every day. Take the stairs at the mall or office instead of the elevator or escalator (as long as the stairs are not in a secluded spot).
  • Legs and butt. Wherever you go wear walking shoes designed especially for leg and butt toning. Reebok's EasyTone style is widely available.
Stretch before and after each exercise to warm up and cool down.

And don't forget to exercise your willpower by avoiding foods with lots of calories, flour, sugar and saturated fats.