Beat the Buffet Booty
Exercising off the 3,000 calories of a basic (no alcohol or appetizers) traditional holiday meal is formidable. Dr. Cedric Bryant, the American Council on Exercise chief exercise physiologist, says to do that a 160-pound person would need to run at a moderate pace for four hours or swim for five hours or walk 30 miles.

Break that meal down into exercise-noted portions and you can make choices about how much you really want to eat that piece of pie and what you need to do to burn off its calories.

The following is based on a 160-pound person. Burn those calories!

Glass of wine
120 calories
Walk - 1.2 miles

Cup of eggnog
343 cal
Walk - 3.5 miles

Half-cup of veggies
25 cal
Run - a quarter mile

Half-cup of mixed nuts
440 cal
Run - 4.4 miles

Six ounces of turkey
340 cal
Elliptical Train - 26 mins

Half-cup of stuffing