Ways to "Work It" Every Day

Healthy habits you need to incorporate into you daily routine now to stay fit and trim for life.

Joan Westlake

HealthKey.com contributor

January 20, 2010


Increase your fitness levels is as easy as tweaking your healthy habits. Here are some quick tips to add aerobics and strength training to your daily routine.

Wear a Pedometer. Like counting calories, you can't truly know how much or how little you move until you count the steps. Go for 10,000 a day.

Dance Like No One Is Watching. From the waltz to hip hop, time spent out on the dance floor makes you healthier in heart, body and spirit. If you can't go out dancing, make your living room the dance floor - turn lights down, music up and off you go!

Park Far Away. You'll add extra steps to your daily quota plus you might score open spaces next to your vehicle to help avoid those irritating door dings.

Take the Stairs. Better than a machine, steps work a full set of leg, bum and even stomach muscles. Plus, you get some great cardio. Just be certain the doors to the stairwell are unlocked.

Walk Rover. The Dog Whisper, Cesar Millan, says at the very least, every dog needs one, good walk a day. Guess what, so do you. No dog? Ask your neighbor to walk theirs. They will like you more and the dog will be too tired to bark at night.

Stroll to Shop. Buy a folding shopping cart and walk to the grocery store or nearby shopping area. You'll burn up calories and maybe save money because you are less likely to pile on things not on your list if you have to push them those extra miles.

Mow Your Own Lawn. Unless you are clearing an acre, a push mower is healthy for you and the environment.

Crunch. Before you drag yourself out from under the covers, do as many tummy crunches as you can. Add one more each day until you reach a rock hard 100.

Carry Your Own Groceries. It doesn't have to be a 50-pound bag of pet food, either. Balance a bag from each arm for some useful weight lifting.

Garden Like You Mean It. Researchers at Kansas State University report that gardening offers moderate aerobic as well as hand strength and flexibility benefits.

Change Your Routine. Don't plop in front of the television after dinner. Make an after-meal stroll part of your family activities.

Be Inventive. Take a walk around your office building every hour. Run in place during each commercial. Stretch while on the phone.