Take action! Join the crusade

Great ways to get involved in the fight against breast cancer

Joan Westlake

HealthKey contributor

1:00 AM EDT, October 1, 2009


Walk, run, bike, climb, swim or participate in virtual breast cancer fundraising activities from coast to coast. Pedal the Hershey Tour de Pink from chocolate land to the Big Apple; join in on hundreds of Races for the Cure; drive in the all-female, 18 wheelers Convoy for a Cure - USA; grab a ball for Bowling for Boobs; tackle a mountain or run a pink triathlon. Just get moving!

The fundraisers all work basically the same. You sign up for the event of your choice and then ask friends, family, colleagues and businesses to donate money to the specific breast cancer foundation that is hosting the run or whatever you are doing. Participants say it is easier than it sounds with today's e-mail and social networking contacts to raise funds. E-mail 10 friends to contribute $25 each and you've got $250, which is the amount required for many of the events.

Altruism isn't the only reason to participate. Most events are great parties and you'll make some super personal and business contacts. Here's the big bonus - you can lose some weight and get in shape plus research indicates that exercise can help prevent cancer. Even taking on just a mere 5k (that's 6.2 miles) is a calorie burning, whip your bum in shape task.

Hook up with the Hershey's Tour de Pink during the first week in October. This four-day, 220-mile bike ride raises funds for the Young Survival Coalition. More than 200 riders bike from Chocolate World in Hershey, Pa. to Times Square in New York City. Plus hundreds more pedal the 220 miles on their own and track their miles at www.hersheyspledge.com.

To help participants reach their fundraising goals, many training groups offer discounts and some of the events provide free training.

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For more information about events in your area, visit the HealthKey.com Breast Cancer Calendar of Events.