Hair Trends 2010

Daring shades and fascinating facts for the New Year and new you.

Andrea Markowitz, Ph.D.

HealthKey.com contributor

January 6, 2010


Hair colors for 2010 sound good enough to eat! Read on to discover what tickles your taste buds and learn what your hair color says about you.

Yummy New Shades

Chocoholics rejoice!

Stunning shades of chocolate are all the hair color rage for 2010, especially streaked with highlights. Cherry cola, eggplant, burgundy, cinnamon, maroon, bright red and lavender offer additional depth. For a lighter look, mix in honey, bright gold, platinum or caramel.

White chocolate counts, too. If you prefer being blonde, go for a blindingly bright platinum. If you're feeling bubbly, add some pink--as in pink champagne.

Are chocolate-covered cherries more to your taste? Try a red base with streaks of chocolate. Add mixed-fruit highlights of strawberry blonde and plum.

Is that Color Really YOU?

Before you choose a hair color, consider whether it complements your skin tone and what it says about your personality.

Should you go chocolate, cherry or strawberry? Narrow your choice by eliminating colors that make you look washed out. Then zero in on those that bring out your vibrancy.

Also consider the image you'd like to project. People make snap judgments about personality based on appearance, including hair color. Both men and women in a 2007 Clairol survey considered brunettes the most intelligent, trustworthy and well grounded. They saddled blondes with the same old stereotypes of being less intelligent and more fickle and flighty than brunettes and redheads. Redheads were considered the strongest and most intimidating.

A 2008 survey of 3,000 men, conducted by award-winning hairstylist Andrew Collinge's company, had two unexpected findings: less than 20% of the men said blondes are sexiest; and more than half said they'd rather marry a dark-haired woman.

To Dye or Not to Dye-Playing it Safe

While some research suggests there's a link between hair dyes and certain cancers, other research is inconclusive. And not much is known about the safety of using hair dyes during pregnancy.

To play it safe when you dye your hair, the Mayo Clinic recommends the following:

Also, use a dye with as few chemicals as possible. Look for peroxide-free, low- or no-ammonia formulas. Especially avoid products that contain both ammonia and peroxide.