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When The Vending Machine Calls ...

McClatchy Tribune Newspapers

Is eating healthier one of your goals? Choose granola as breakfast or as an at-the-ready snack for when hunger pangs attack and the vending machine is calling its siren song. lets you customize granola just to your liking.

You start with one of five bases and add ingredients from the lists of fruits, nuts and seeds, extras (everything from coconut to jelly beans) and "enhancers" (which include shots of caffeine powder, acai powder, green tea powder and the like).

The site updates the price of your granola and gives you a status nutrition report as you go along, so you can make it as healthy as you like. (Sure, dark chocolate has antioxidants, but I'm not sure how you can justify the gummy bears. Oh right. They're organic!)

The base granolas start at $4.49 and add-ins range from 49 cents to $2.49 each. Your mix gets you a pound of granola. Mix a batch for everyone in your family because if you spend more than $40 you get free shipping.

For the indecisive or unsure, Mix My Granola also offers pre-mixes ($6.99 to $11.99) specially blended by flavor ("Let's go nuts!" for nut-lovers), activity (Runner's Mix) or goal (like weight loss or lowering your cholesterol).

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