New procedure refreshes tired eyes
If the 'eyes are the windows of the soul,' then those little wrinkles around them are the hard to remove water spots—in theory.

Last year, Americans spent almost $10.5 billion on cosmetic procedures to help them look more youthful with the third most popular procedure being eyelid rejuvenation.

"Just the wrinkles under here, just the little bit of bags under my eyes," said Stephanie Santamaria, as she pointed to her lower eyelids.

The 43-year-old said was tired of looking tired all the time and sought the help of facial plastic surgeon Dr. Raghu Athre to help her dial back the hands of time.

"As we all age we tend to lose collagen and elastin, sometimes part of this is genetic and part of this is also from things that we do in our life," said Dr. Athre.

Dr. Athre has pioneered a new lower eyelid surgery to help patients achieve a more rested and refreshed look without the downtime commonly associated with this type of procedure.

"So I took a little bit of different procedures put them all together to come up with this one procedure that kind of address all of that and allows them to get back to work as soon as possible," said Dr. Athre.

For Santamaria, the surgery offered the busy mother of three and full-time nurse a quick solution with just one day for recovery.

"I feel like if you can do something about it to help it and make yourself feel better you should," she said.

The surgery is down by putting the patient in twilight state, then a small incision is made along the lower eyelash and excess skin is cut away. The muscle under the eye is tightened with a stitch that is inserted into the muscle to achieve a natural look.

The surgery cost between $2700 and $2800, which is about $2,000 less than traditional lower eyelid surgery.

"You can end up spending a lot of money on creams for the quick pick me up. This procedure is permanent," said Dr. Athre.

The surgery also takes less than an hour to perform and patients can go back to work the next day with the help of a little makeup to camouflage some bruising.