The Brazilian Butt-Lift Workout

How to get a great booty without surgery.

Nicole Voges


June 15, 2010


Booties have been inspiring everything from workout routines to clothing to entertainment for years. Aerobics instructor Greg Smithey's Buns of Steel has been encouraging shapely rears since the days of VHS tapes and Sir Mix-A-Lot's best-known song, "Baby Got Back," gave women with big butts an anthem to shake them to.

With bikini season fast approaching, you might be motivated to find a quick fix to boost your bum. But, in the cosmetic surgery and workout worlds, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian aren't the only ones admired for their well-developed rears. Brazilian women are also world-renowned for their gorgeous bodies ... and booties.

Getting a Brazilian Booty

Plastic surgeons have been performing "Brazilian" style buttock augmentation surgeries for years, and buttock lifts are on the rise. According to the American Society of Plastic SurgeonsHealthKey.com, there was a 152 percent increase in the procedure from 2000 to 2008, with 3,554 performed by ASPS board-certified surgeons in 2008.

Along with the cosmetic options involving implants and injections, manufacturers have created silicone inserts for jeans and panties, along with creams and gels, to fulfill customers' desire for well-rounded derrieres.

Get a Lift Without a Scalpel

But fitness enthusiasts who want to save themselves from silicone-filled clothing slippage, or approximately $9,500-$12,000 (according to Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez of cosmeticsurgery.com) for a butt-enhancing surgery, can still elevate and tone their way to a firmer backside with the Brazil Butt Lift workout.

And when you receive your first bootylicious comment, you'll have Leandro Carvalho to thank. The Brazilian native, personal trainer and former dancer created the workout, according to his Web site, because "he noticed that people were not having fun while working out ... and that many people were unsatisfied with their routines, eventually abandoning them.

Carvalho's TriAngle method involves working three major muscle groups in the buttocks from various angles to lift your butt, shape your gluteus muscles and reduce hips and thighs through a combination of cardio, sculpting moves and Brazilian dance.

With exercise techniques named the Caliente Corkscrew, the Ballerina Booster and the Samba Tornado, Carvalho has followers in supermodels and average ladies alike. If you can't take his classes at New York Equinox gyms, you can still access his exercises via three DVDs including six booty-busting workouts.

Fitness magazine featured one of his butt-lifting workouts, including the Plie, Touchdown, Explosive Lunge, Single-Leg Squat and Squat with Kick-Back, all completed in one-minute increments. Try out the ballet-inspired moves when you've got five minutes to spare.

For more information, visit Leandro Carvalho's website.