Take a near vision test

Take this printable test at home.

Joan Westlake

HealthKey.com contributor

August 10, 2009


Vision problems can appear gradually. You may be squinting to read menus and not realize it (or you may be squinting while you read this)!

Prevent Blindness America has a simple test you can access online to check out how well you are seeing at close range. Click here to access and print out the Near Vision Test for Adults. Once you've got it in front of you, ask a friend for some help while taking the exam.

Some rules for the test:

-- You don't have to study for this exam but don't cheat and look at before you test ...

-- Don't take the test if you are tired because your eyes are probably sleepy too.

-- Be sure you are in a well-lit area and are wearing your regular glasses or contacts.

-- Have a friend hold the sheet about 14 inches away from your face.

-- You read out loud the sentences as you see them and tell your helper in what direction the little "c's" at the bottom of the page are facing.