Easy Games for Your Brain
You exercise your body to be in shape. Stay alert by pumping up your brain with these easy exercises.

Social interactions and video games are ideal ways to flex your logic and reasoning skills. Chatting with your BFF means listening to what's being said and choosing a response based on how happy or ticked off she will be. Video games provide a similar problem solving exercise based on choosing an action in order to advance to new levels.

Change and multitasking wake up the brain. Shock those neurons out of their habitual stupor by taking another route to work, rearranging your office or combining two functions such as writing poetry while you power walk or counting backwards from 100 by sevens while you bicycle.

New reading sources excite the brain with expanded understandings of words and their relationships. Never miss the food pages? Try browsing the sports or business sections instead. You'll expand your vocabulary and see familiar words in a different context.

Neural connections in the brain grow when your learn something new. Play racquetball with the opposite hand or learn the words to a new song. Memorization boosts the level of acetylcholine, the chemical that helps build your brain and improve your memory skills.

Visual information bombards the brain. Amaze your friends with your mentalist talents by focusing. Hone your skills by walking into a room and selecting five items. Remember not only what they are but where they are located. Try recalling the items in an hour; then two more hours. The more you play this game, the better detective you'll be.

Brain food is as important as nutrition to build muscles. Keep your diet rich in omega-3 by eating nuts, fish such as salmon, mackerel or sardines and using virgin olive oil. Avoid sugar and saturated fats.