Nourish Your Aging Skin With Water
A. The Murad Inclusive Health Center and Spa in El Segundo, Calif., offers skin treatments, individualized cellular water diet and a program to help reduce stress. (See

Q. Don't customers need to see a doctor?

A. There is no need for a specialized doctor.

Q. You tell me the skin does more than cover my body.

A. It goes deeper. The skin is connected to your heart. Both heart and skin rely on blood veins.

Your whole body is connected.

We tend to think of the skin as a separate organ, not related to anything else.

But when you get angry, for example, your heart beats faster and that's not good for your blood supply. The damage shows on your skin and also makes you more prone to illness.

The idea that everything in the body is connected is an important concept.

Q. What happens if I just buy some anti-aging cream and don't worry about diet and stress?

A. You'll look prettier with most topical products. But remember, beauty is only skin deep.