How to Get Your Man to See a Doctor

Do it without driving him crazy!

Doug Worgul

McClatchy Tribune Newspapers

November 3, 2009


It's long been known that the life expectancy for men is significantly shorter than for women. Upon learning of this many wives will likely sigh and say, "That's because they refuse to go to the doctor."

Mark Mengel, chair of the department of community and family medicine at St. Louis University School of Medicine, says men view their bodies like a car. "They don't think they need to do anything unless something goes wrong," he says. "Men see any defect as a sign of weakness. They don't want to acknowledge there's anything physically wrong with them because it embarrasses them."

Problem is, many of the most serious men's health problems, such as prostate cancer, skin cancer, diabetes and heart problems, can be more successfully treated if detected early.

The dilemma for wives and significant others is how to get their men to the doctor without causing an upset likely to dramatically increase his blood pressure. Here are some suggestions from Mengel and others: